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The Calculated Chemist was founded in 2021 by Tanner Gerschick

Tanner Gerschick is an organic polymer chemist with a penchant for creative problem-solving. The idea to start the brand came after assembling the first prototype for his Erlenmeyer Flask Soap Dispenser, which was made when the original plastic container broke. Satisfied with the simplicity of the design, he decided to launch an improved version of the product on Etsy, only offering one variation at the time. Inspired by laboratory glassware and luxury brands, Tanner continued to craft a science-inspired product line honoring the shapes, colors, and concepts he encountered throughout his scientific career.

In 2022 The Calculated Chemist achieved modest success

providing science-inspired drinkware for respected companies such as Jim Beam Distillery and Oxy Petroleum. The shop has received a positive response on Etsy - with almost 3,000 total sales, seven hundred 5-star reviews, and several products stamped as Etsy bestsellers. In addition, the Calculated Chemist was featured in major scientific publications such as Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's 2022 holiday gift guide and in popular blogs like ThisIsWhyImBroke, STEMintheMiddle, AllGiftsConsidered, Loveable, and MyModernMet.

Provide high-quality, science-inspired products

Today, Tanner operates The Calculated Chemist with the help of his wife, Esmeralda, along with the company of their newborn son, Leonardo. He hopes to continue to provide high-quality, science-inspired products that science lovers may enjoy as memorable gifts.

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